"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." ​Vince Lombardi

Great attention is taken to accomplish some of the finest of pedigrees. We breed and train our terriers to be the champions that we hope for them to become. With careful attention paid to the heritage of our terriers, we ensure the finest qualities are bred into our Jacks. Then, through rigorous training we ingrain the love of the serious and fun side of showing.

National Champions don't just happen. It takes a well-bred, structurally sound jack russell terrier to rise to the challenge. That's where we come in.

Breeding & Training Jack Russell Terriers


Supercharged Jacks was founded in 2010 after falling in love with the Jack Russell breed. Our kennels foundation blood lines come from Little Eden Sequel who has produced some amazing puppies during her breeding years. We have retired our lovely Sequel and look forward to what her offspring will produce in the coming years. 
March 23, 2019

So it's been a while since we've posted anything again......... Any way as always we will try to do better in the upcoming year. 2018 was a very great year for us overall. It started with promise with three new young terriers as we saw two of these terriers go to their forever homes one stayed. Supercharged Queen she will continue our female line as she is out of our top female Supercharged Callie and Little Eden Dempsey. We also have two new young males this year we are hoping to add to our success here at supercharged jacks. One is our very own Supercharged Echo out of Supercharged Callie and Conasauga Roy our most recent litter and the other a familiar line Shelmar Echo who is actually the exact same bloodline as Lombardi just one generation removed on either side. We named him Echo as in hopes to echo the legacy his family member has had. We will keep you updated on the ongoing progress of these three young terriers and will be adding their own pages very soon. The end of the year ended very well in our favor as we walked home with another Year End Championship and two National title. The big news for us however would finally seeing the full potential come out in our very own Supercharged Severus. we've been waiting for him to show his full potential for over a year but we feel he finally has as he took home what was his first reserve national title and hope many more will follow. The day after he won his first reserve he showed this to not be a fluke by coming runner up in National stakes with the second fastest time over all. We're very excited to see his progression this upcoming year. Then last but not list we have a new litter on the way. Supercharged Callie and Inseguire Scandal. We are so excited to see this litter as this should be Callies final litter and we will be going forward with her daughter Queen. Please stay tuned for more updates on this is to be our most promising year yet!!!!!!!!!